Puppy Parties

If you have done some research into getting a new puppy you may have come across the importance of socialisation. Your will also have been advised to protect your puppy from dangerous viruses, which means your puppy should not be taken out and about until 2 weeks after completing the vaccination course.

This is where our Puppy Parties can help you.

We believe that early socialisation is an essential aspect of a puppy’s training to rear a well balanced, well behaved adult dog. It is vital that puppies learn how to interact normally with other dogs, adults, children and any species your puppy will be living with at an early stage. Your puppy should also learn to cope with everyday noises such as household appliances.

It is important that your puppy is exposed to as many of the new ‘life experiences’ from birth up until 12-14 weeks of age, as during this time your puppy is learning and laying down its own perception of new things, which it will draw upon for the rest of its life. After this age, if your puppy is not very confident in new situations, unfamiliar experiences may cause a fearful response leading to possible fear aggression.

How your puppy is introduced so socialisation and other dogs is as important as the act of socialising. If handled in the wrong manner without guidance the puppy can have a very negative experience resulting in more damage than if the puppy had not been socialised at all.

Our Puppy Parties are held by experienced nurses who are able to give you guidance on basic behaviour and socialisation to help you get it right.

All puppies that have had their initial vaccine with us are invited to attend one of our monthly FREE Puppy Parties to start the socialisation process in a secure and friendly environment. As well as meeting other puppies and their owners, you will have the opportunity to look beyond the consulting room door and take a tour of the Practice and discuss any questions you may have about caring for your puppy.

For more information and to find out about the next party date please call

01179 569038. We look forward to hearing from you.