Dental disease occurs in around 85% of dogs and cats over the age of two.

The main reason for periodontal disease is that animals don’t brush their teeth.

Plaque, which is a mixture of bacteria invisible to the eye, gradually builds up on the teeth. When the plaque becomes mineralised and hard, this is then known as tartar.

During your pets annual vaccination health check with the vet or a nurse clinic, their gums and teeth will be examined.

Brushing is ‘gold standard’. This can be introduced by following our step by step guide to tooth brushing.

We realise that brushing is not for everyone, so we can still offer many other preventative solutions such as dental food, water additives and chews.

If your pet is suffering from dental disease, the vet may recommend a general anaesthetic to scale and polish their teeth or to remove any rotten or damaged teeth.

There are many ways that we can prevent dental disease occurring in your pet. Book a dental clinic with a nurse or ask your vet on the best prevention for you and your pet.