The team at Avenue are very proud of our dental facilities.

The dental machine includes a drill, piped air and water to rinse and dry the tooth and gum, and a polishing head. We use an ultrasonic descaler to remove tartar.

Dentals are all performed under general anaesthesia in a designated dental room next to the prep room. This keeps them away from patients undergoing sterile surgical procedures. The animal is layed on a `tub table’ which allows water to drain away without soaking the animal (water is necessary to cool the high speed dental unit).

During a dental first the descaler is used to remove tartar from all teeth. Any diseased teeth are gently extracted. Many at the back of the mouth have more than one root. A high speed water cooled drill is used to section multi-rooted teeth so that they can be removed with minimal trauma to surrounding tissues.

The mouth is then rinsed with water and dried with pressurised air to improve visualisation of the teeth and gums for a final inspection. Once we are happy that the remaining teeth are healthy they are polished using a rotating polisher head. This leaves a smooth, clean surface to the teeth which helps prevent plaque and tartar building up again.

Animals are later discharged with instructions for ongoing oral care. This may include antibiotics, mouth washes or dental packs with special dog or cat toothbrushes and paste. We can also supply special diets to help keep teeth healthy post dental treatment.