The Practice is equipped with a full range of equipment to enable us to diagnose your pet’s condition. These facilities include Digital X-ray system, Ultrasound, In-house Laboratory, Blood pressure and ECG equipment.

Should surgery be required, we have three operating theatres which allow us to cope well when we are busy, and minimises the delay for urgent operations. It also allows us to reduce the risk of wound infections by specifying the type of procedure each room can be used for.

For example, the room used for orthopaedic operations is never used for treating infected wounds. Each room is equipped with a machine to provide anaesthetic gases, and for safety there is an active scavenging system for removing waste anaesthetic gases. There are special theatre lights, heated operating tables and kits for emergency resuscitation.

The central point of surgical facilities is the ‘Prep Room’. Surrounding it are the operating theatres, dental room, diagnostic imaging room, dispensary, kennels and cattery. Our central prep room is used for clipping and preparing the patient for surgery, inducing general anaesthetics and allows the surgeon to scrub and prepare before entering the theatre.

The prep room also provides on hand everything needed for work such as emergency treatment, taking blood samples, etc.