Work Experience

Work experience at Avenue Veterinary Centre

At Avenue Veterinary Centre, we like to help people who are thinking of working within the Veterinary or Animal Care industry to gain work experience. This could be school pupils who are looking for one week, college students who need to have one day per week for the length of their course or veterinary students and veterinary nursing students who need to have the ‘hands on’ experience to complete their degree programmes.

Work experience is vital because it enables people to see what the job is really like; rather than what they imagined. Most of the time, people find that the job is better than they expected but some times people complete their work experience placement and decide that veterinary work is not for them. The only way to find out for your-self is to secure a placement in as many different working environments as possible.

Veterinary work is a popular career choice and so we get many requests for work experience placements. Due to the health and safety risk category, the level of supervision that we have to provide and our commitment to veterinary and veterinary nursing students, there are limited places available. We invite all applicants to an informal interview and then allocate the placements based on these interviews (just like when applying for a job and getting an interview; another vital part of work experience).

If you wish to apply for a placement at Avenue Veterinary Centre please follow the procedure below.

Work experience application procedure:

  • Send a letter of application to the practice, addressed to: Lois Daniels
  • Closing date for applications is 1st January and 1st June each year (so you may need to get your application in to us the year before your work experience date)
  • Once we have reviewed all applications, letters will be sent out with dates and times for interviews
  • When we have interviewed all candidates we will make our decisions and endeavour to inform all applicants within four weeks