Spring has sprung it’s National Pet Month!

National pet month is an annual event which celebrates our love of our pets and promotes ways to ensure pet owners and potential pet owners have happy, healthy pets.

The campaign encourages pet owners to first think carefully before getting a pet to make sure that all of its welfare needs can be met. Can you provide the following:

  • A nutritious/well-balanced diet which is appropriate for the pet and its age?
  • Suitable safe housing, bedding and comfort?
  • Can you keep your pet clean and clean up after your pet?
  • Exercise at least once a day and ensure the pet is sociable and trained?
  • Protection from diseases? Ask your vet for advice.
  • Prevention of unwanted litters and neuter your pet?
  • Legal identification? A collar and tag and microchip for a dog
  • Have the financial means or insurance to cover unexpected vet treatment or 3rd party liability?

Our nurses can discuss any of these points with you in more detail. If you would like further information, call to book a nurse appointment. Avenue Vets also offer a healthcare club in which you can spread the cost of your annual vaccinations, parasite treatment and preventative healthcare giving you continual yearly savings of up to 24%!